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Many people have asked if they can buy The Scythe Book from us. We do not sell it; instead, chapters from The Scythe Must Dance (the "Addendum" we wrote in 2001) are posted below, free for reading and printing.

They are revised, as should be the case from time to time with any instructional text written by anyone who is still learning. Normally this would be accomplished in co-operation with the publisher whenever another printing of the original is made. However, we were not given the opportunity to do so, even though other printings were made since its initial publication, and we have therefore opted to make the improved material accessible free of charge.

Chapters from The Scythe Must Dance by Peter Vido, published in 2001 as an addendum to The Scythe Book by David Tresemer, 1981:

  • Introduction
  • Terminology
  • Blade Selection
  • Sharpening Principles
  • Peening the Blade
  • Honing the Blade
  • Repairing the Damaged Edge
  • Principles of Movement
  • The Blade-Fitting Challenge
  • Appendix

  • Other writings, not published in book form, which address their topics in greater detail and with more pictures than was possible in The Scythe Must Dance. The 4-minute video (download it free) is a good introduction to the versatility of the scythe, though it is not intended as an instructional video.

  • The "Oregon Snath" by Steve Leppold

  • Improving Snath Ergonomics

  • Basic Scythe Troubleshooting Guide

  • What in the World is a "Grass" Blade?

  • Reference Table of Sharpening Methods

  • Blade Peening with Hammer and Anvil

  • Mowing with Ease

  • Biomechanics and Hand Mowing

  • QuickTime Video

  • An Ergonomic Scythe Handle

  • Making a Snath (scythe handle)

  • Snath and Blade Fitting

  • Preparing a New Blade

  • Snath Design Discussions

  • The Making of a Scythe Blade

  • Scythe Blade Hardness Report

  • Notes on Scythe Abuse

  • A Letter on Scythe Breaking

  • Modified 18 Feb. 2009
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