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The Making of a Scythe Blade

Thanks to Ing. Walter Blumauer, the last owner and manager of the world-renowned Redtenbacher scythe manufacturer (which ceased production in 1987), the Internet audience can now view a fine photo essay on how a scythe blade was made in Austria approximately 30 years ago.

The accompanying text for Sensenmuseum Geyerhammer is in German, but if there is sufficient interest, it can be translated into English.

Mr. Blumauer, by the way, is an active member of the Scythe Association of Austria, the chief mandate of which is to promote — not by mere advertising but rather through education — the scythe's continued use.

Accordingly, he not only put together the website but also, at the age of 64, decided to learn how to use the tool his company had made for so many generations. He attended several scythe courses and now mows the extended lawns around their beautiful old villa with a 90-cm blade.

The website is

Sensenmuseum Geyerhammer
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8 Aug. 2005
Modified 13 Feb. 2006
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