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An Offer of Support

Assistance pertaining to the use of the scythe is hereby offered to service-oriented individuals, groups, or organizations in all countries around the globe... with emphasis on the so-called "developing" nations.

We may help you in the following ways:
  1. providing advice concerning available equipment, relative quality, delivery options, etc.
  2. arranging direct contact with manufacturers
  3. providing technical advice i.e. harmony of blade/handle/user's size and strength, blade models best suited to local needs
  4. providing written or visual (video) instruction or arranging for live instruction


If you would like assistance, please provide the information requested in the Application Form

You may copy the HTML page and paste it into a word processing application, or download it from a rtf file or from a straight text file, whichever works best.

It may be sent by mail to:
Peter Vido
1636 Kintore Road
Lower Kintore, New Brunswick
E7H 2L4 Canada

or by e-mail to:

If you are submitting the information electronically, please send the form as an attachment and paste in into the contents of your e-mail message.
Modified 10 Jan. 2006
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