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Matched Units

ScytheConnection ash snaths with adjustable grips
$170.00 per unit (snath, blade, attachment ring)

*Adjustable to any height from 5' through 6'2"*

Comes with any one of these blade options:
#2 in 70cm
#8 in 60 cm
#35 in 60cm

Scythes for the very tall (6' 2" - 6' 5") folks.

These all include the ScytheConnecton hickory snaths with adjustable grips and are custom-matched to the respective blades pictured here and listed below.
Because most of these snaths are relatively straight AND for tall users, they require blades with very steep tangs. Some of the models with 42 to 50 degree tangs were once commonly used in Belgium and Holland, and made for those two countries primarily in Germany, Austria or, to lesser degree in Italy. The blades we fitted to this batch of snaths are some of the leftovers from that era (nearly half a century ago).
One of their distinguishing features are very strong necks and backs -- fully on par with many older "bush" blades and stronger than most of the bush blades made in Austria today.
However, they are not excessively heavy overall, and they are NOT blades for cutting woody material, at least not initially; all are essentially very stiff "grass" models designed for regions where forage grows lush and thick. Not only are their actual bodies thinner than the average of present global ('grass') blade production, their edges were prepared by the factory with an eye for efficient lawn-like work rather than bushwhacking. After the outermost 1-2 mm of the edge are worn away, these blades can safely be used for the so-called 'ditch' work, which may require cutting some woody or otherwise tough material.

In any case, all of them are of a quality that has not been produced -- anywhere -- for upwards of 30 years. All were made in Germany approximately 40 yrs. ago.

#1 - 60 cm. 530gm (19 1/2 oz.), described under #3 listing in our catalogue - Unit: $175
#2 - 55 cm. 470gm (16 1/2 oz.), same as above - Unit: $170

#3 - 65 cm. 620gm (22 oz.), with an unusual "wavy edge"; a collector's item - Unit: $210

#4 - 60 cm. 560gm, same quality as above but slightly heavier/length, and at 60, more of a 'trimming' blade - Unit: $165

#5 - 65 cm. 490 gm (20 oz.), suitable as a 'general purpose' blade. Superb quality, German production of over 50 years ago. Very strong neck and back, BUT the edge was factory prepared for cutting succulent, rather than woody stems. Thus -- at least initially -- this is a 'general purpose' unit. - $190

Matched units with "wildwood" snaths:

Bush scythe of exceptional quality.

This 4 1/2 lb. wildwood snath (made of rock/sugar maple, with beech grips) we consider -- aesthetically and strength-wise -- above average among our hand-made specimens, and one deserving an equally special blade (made by the Union enterprise in South Germany during the early 1950's).

This is a unit for a lot of serious work, and NOT recommended for people who merely want to cut some 'tough weeds' or the odd sapling. Instead, we imagine it in the hands of someone of above average physique clearing sizeable blackberry patches, cutting trails through wild overgrown places, etc.

The blade, at 50cm, weighs 26 oz/ 520gm.
Suitable for a person 5' 10" / 175cm tall.

Unit: $250 - SOLD

Click here for more photos

General purpose scythe Featuring a maple snath for a 5' 6" /162cm person and a 65cm. blade, made in North Germany approx. 40 years ago.

Unit: $160

Click for more photos

"A man whose mind is enlightened with a knowledge of mechanical principles, will never bend nor break a spade; his keen perception will tell him, even if he were blindfolded, when the strength of the spade is unequal to the force applied to the handle".
- S.E.Todd, The Young Farmer's Manual, 1860

Of course, this timeless observation applies to women as well as men, and to all other tools besides spades.

Shipping rates:

Within Canada:
For one or two complete units - snaths, up to 4 blades, accessories - $40

To the U.S.
$55 for one or two complete units.


All prices are in Canadian dollars.

We do not, and likely never will, accept credit cards or other forms of electronic payment. If you feel moved to bypass the corrupt banking system, sending cash in an envelope is fine. The next most expedient option is a postal money order or bank draft (for US residents: specify an 'International money order'). A personal check takes one to two weeks to clear.

Checks or money orders should be made out to Ashley Vido, (not ScytheConnection) and mailed to:

1636 Kintore Rd.
Lower Kintore, New Brunswick
E7H 2L4 Canada

Oo to our mailbox in Maine -- but PLEASE send an email before mailing anything to this address, as we only check it sporadically:

26 North Street, P.M.B. 161
Presque Isle, Maine, 04769

03 Dec. 2012